About Us

Miami Press - the first printmaking workshop and publishing house of Cuban art in the United States, founded in 1987. Focusing on the works of Cuban masters and contemporary artists based outside Cuba, Victor Gomez - Director and Master printmaker of Miami Press - has participated in the top ranking international print competitions, earning important awards in the United States, the Carribean, the far east, and Europe. To date, Miami Press has published the works of more than thirty Cuban masters and contemporary artists; this, in a variety of techniques, including: serigraphs, etchings, linocuts and monoprints. These editions have been distributed as individual prints, group portfolios and individual portfolios.

It is the policy of Miami Press to offer collectors optimum quality and perdurability - the result of which comes from the use of the finest papers and inks and the best and most orthodox printmaking processes, such as hand-cut and hand-pulled printing.

Miami Press does not follow trends that favor indiscriminate, photomechanical or computerized printing methods, like off-set lithographs (posters); giclee or any other processes alien to orthodox methods that, anywhere in the world, lend character to genuine art prints. These methods ignore the artist of printmaker's hand, misleading inexperienced buyers to purchase photomechanical or computerized reproductions for the same price they would pay for legitimate fine prints. To this end, such reproductions are not even accepted in most international print competitions.

Miami Press is also offering Serigraph and Monotype workshops. For more information, please see our workshops section by clicking here or by clicking the workshops link on our navigation bar.

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